Are you open and talkative in a way where you are able to capture other people’s attention and convince them about why they should buy certain tech products? Then you are the perfect match for the position as a part-time promoter!

Are you more the detail-oriented kind of person with a great sense of order and with some technical abilities? Then you are the perfect match for the position as a part-time merchandiser! 

 ”This is a perfect part-time job for you. You will learn a lot, meet new people everyday and you’ll be a vital part of creating unique shopping experiences for consumers in the stores” Says Retail Execution Manager Nanna Maria Dragø.

Gorm Larsen Nordic is a retail-agency that create promotions for some of the worlds largest consumer electronics brands. You will be a part of our part-time team that do promotional activities and merchandising projects in stores close to where you live. We are covering the entire country, but are primarily looking for candidates in the larger cities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Become a brand ambassador for international tech-brands

No matter whether you prefer to do promotional or merchandising activities (or both), you will take part in creating great shopping experiences for consumers in the stores. In both roles you will be trained for the tasks, receive product training and learn sales techniques.

The job is highly flexible with a varied amount of hours per week. You decide yourself how much you want to work, so the job is perfect for students.

As a promoter..

You will be the face of the brands! You work in stores and a typical day at work is at one specific store. Here your task will be to help customers find the right products to fit their needs. Some of the customers will purchase a product after you have talked with them. Others might have gained new knowledge about the product and the brand which might result in a purchase later on. The most important thing is that the customers leave the store with a good experience and a good understanding of the product and the brand.

Also, your tasks will:

-        Cooperate with sales staff in the stores

-        Report on relevant data

-        Be a part of a community of part-time staff, where we motivate each other.


As a merchandiser…

You are a part of the operations that installs and maintains shop-in-shop installations in retail stores.

On a typical workday you will visit 3-4 stores, where your task will be installation and maintains of shop-in-shop solutions and displays.

Your tasks will include:

-        Installation of new displays and shop-in-shop solutions

-        Making sure that displays are looking nice and clean and are filled up with products

-        Training store staff in new products

Maybe you feel that you can contribute and work in both roles? No problem! It’s indeed possible to combine the work tasks in one role as well.

Are you the one we are looking for?

No matter which position you are applying for, you will be a crucial part in our ambition to create better shopping experiences. It’s your creative approach that makes the difference. You are openminded and positive, and curious when it comes to working with sales and consumer electronics. The rest, we will teach you!

Apply for the job!

Apply now by sending your application and resume to . Feel free to contact Retail Execution Manager Nanna Dragø at if you have any questions.

We are constantly in the process of hiring for projects in November and December, so don’t hesitate.

We are looking forward to meet you!