Your modern full service RETAIL AGENCY

Gorm Larsen Nordic create inspiring retail and brand experiences. We find ways for customers to engage and interact with brands and products. For us, it is about placing the shopper in the center, finding a multitude of touch-points that all create one experience throughout their journey. Meeting the costumer on their terms - creating experiences and engagements.

That is how we inspire customers!



Here you find how Gorm Larsen Nordic inspire customers through multiple touch-points with our complete suite of retail-awareness tools. Read our cases to find out how we propel relationships between the brands we represent, and their customers.


retail blog

In the Retail Blog we discuss topics, trends and tricks that are of interest in the retail industry. B2B shifting focus to B2C where the omnichannel transition is essential. Other relevant topics are expanded upon. Field forces, brand experiences, pop-up stores, in store marketing and more.


the SMART retail management PLATFORM

To make brand teams succeed with their retail operations, we created SaleMate. It´s the user-friendly retail platform that use modern technology and innovative functionalities to release your retail potential.


Field Team

“Working with SaleMate on the road make sure I always prioritize the right actions and have an effective run.”


retail manager

“The tailored system gives me a live overview of my retail operations so I can take the right actions.”


sales manager

“SaleMate makes sure I spend the right amount of resources where it makes most impact for my brand.”



 At Gorm Larsen Nordic we are always looking for creative and inspirational people to pioneer the next wave of memorable interactions between our brands and customers. If you are a talented person who enjoys inspiering customers, apply here today!