Gorm Larsen Nordic Elbit 2016.png


Through our almost 20 years of working with field marketing, retail execution and product trainings it is great to see the effect we create together with our sales force teams. There is a lot of voices raised in terms of creating experiences and engaging with our customers. Well, to get your message out through retail you are dependent on the daily heroes working in store, the ones meeting your customers. Everyone have a lot of cool products and everyone is trying to get the store staff to want to sell their products.

Bringing new product knowledge can be done fun, efficient and at the same time differently interesting. In our opinion it has a lot to do with the performance of the ones sharing the knowledge and their ability to do it with a genuine interest and passion. When this is combined our proposition is that it creates an experience and engagement that for certain will increase the sales figures for your products and brands. 

Therefore, it is so great to see that the "Gorm Larsen Nordic Way" lead to such great success at the largest Nordic retailer training and exhibition Elbit. We are proud to say that out of our 9 teams at Elbit this year 7 of them made it in to the top 10 either in the category “Classroom Trainings”, “Exhibition” or both.

Congratulations to our clients and our sales force teams for doing an amazing job!


Best regards
Kristine W. Lium - Head of Brand Experience