There are Fundamental changes going on in our business landscape

In this blog we have compiled two very hot takeaways from the sessions at Mobile World Congress 2019

The best partnerships are the future winners!

The future landscape for companies is becoming increasingly complex. In order to manage this, we see that companies that has been fierce rivals for decades, like BMW and Mercedes Benz, are starting up direct partnerships within areas of common interest. In this case it´s to tackle the transition in consumer buying behavior that goes from buying cars, to buying mobility solutions.

The reasoning behind is clear: Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of both Daimler AG & Mercedes Benz explains: “In the current landscape it makes more sense to share the resources and be successful together, than to compete each other and both fail.” In these cooperation’s the companies call each other “frenemies”, referring to the situation where they run co-investments in RND and the same time compete for every customer in the market.

The two companies now find themselves in several inter-operations as e.g. customers of each others goods, head to head competitors, sub suppliers and RND partners. The origin is that customers are moving over to connected mobility experiences and this is the best way for these companies to be stay relevant.

If you want to see keynote 4 from Mobile World Congress 2019 with Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of both Daimler AG & Mercedes Benz and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, where they discuss this and other questions, you find it here.

using data to get proactive in retail

All kinds of sources are already or will in the close future be generating data. We are already looking into a huge overload of available data and this trend has only just started. Organizations that manage to find the balance between skilled staff and the right Artificial Intelligence tools will be able boost their relevance tremendously. Not only to optimize the current state but also generate proactive solutions and new areas of business.

The retail industry is naturally an industry that automatically generate lots of data. Many stores, products, customers and retail teams create new data every day. The value of getting on top of this data is huge for a brand so therefore this challenge is something we at Gorm Larsen Nordic always has been working with. Our latest invention is the total remake of our retail sales tool SaleMate. The new modern SaleMate platform is designed to make relevant data usable for brands in a way that allow them to reach the proactive approach.

If this is relevant for your brand, follow this link to the SaleMate website.

We see that these and other trends already has huge impact on retail & sales, and it will continue as long as they generate increased value for the end customers.

Best regards
Christian Lystrup